Where can I meet higher quality women?

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I don’t know about you, but the reason I got into pickup was quality rather than quantity… not that I regret my large quantity of great relationships over the years. Part of dating quality girls is FINDING quality girls. This will evolve over time, but it’s important to start with an idea of what you’re looking for if you’re to have any chance of actually finding/attaining it.

  • Doing daygame at the coffee shop, park, or gym and meeting more girls is good advice.
  • You may not be getting the girl you want because you haven’t defined your ideal girl.
    • A quality girl means different things to different people.
    • For a lot of guys, it means a smart, educated girl who they are compatible with.
    • For a lot of other guys, it means having fake tits and looking like a stripper.
    • Know what you’re looking for: athleticism, sense of humor, etc.
  • Be very explicit when you define your ideal girl.
    • Appearance, personality, education, values, and other details should be factored in.
    • Once you have defined your perfect girl, you’ll have a much better idea of how to find her.
  • There is no such thing as a quality girl in a vacuum. There is, however, a quality girl for YOU.
  • What’s your type? Where are you going to find her? Then, go to those places to meet her.
  • Deciding what you want is the most important step.
    • From there, you can tailor your approach and locations.
    • You can even tailor the way you want to present yourself based on her blueprint.
    • Not knowing what you want leads to random efforts. Random efforts lead to mediocre or poor results.

Question from Facebook. How to find LTR, meaning long-term relationship, quality girls besides the circle-jerk advice, circle-jerk advice, it’s a strong statement, of daygame at coffee shops, parks, and the gym, meet more girls and you’ll find one?

OK, so it’s a little unclear exactly what he’s asking, but I’m going to go with what I think it is. So basically he’s saying, instead of just putting in more effort, how do I make my efforts smarter? Instead of just saying, “go meet more girls, go put in more numbers and you’ll eventually find the right girl,” how do I hone in and really make it razor-sharp? And so I think that’s why he calls it circle-jerk advice to just go meet more girls.

However, I don’t have a problem with daygame at coffee shops, parks, and the gym. I’ve done very well with that. I don’t have a problem with meeting more girls. It’s certainly something I’m in favor of. So I don’t think that’s bad advice either. But I think what he’s specifically saying is he’s not finding the specific type of girl he’s looking for. All right. But the problem is, and it’s ill-defined in his question, what is that type of girl? And that’s probably why he’s not getting them as well. It’s because he hasn’t defined that.

When he says, “long-term relationship quality girls,” that means different things to different people. For a lot of guys, that means like a smart, educated girl that you have a compatible personality with. For other guys, that means she has fake tits and looks like a stripper. It just depends what you’re specifically looking for. For some guys, it means she’s very athletic. For some guys, it means she has a good resumé. For some guys, it means they have a good compatible sense of humor. Whatever it is for you.

And so here’s what my suggestion to him is. My suggestion to you is this. Ask yourself if you want a particular type of girl, first of all, define what is that type of girl and be very explicit about it. Is it just about appearance? Is it about personality? Is it about a particular type of personality? Is it about education? Is it about how she was raised and what her value system is?

Once you know that, you have a much better idea of how to find those girls. So, if you’re looking for very educated girls, going to somewhere in the middle of the day where most educated girls that have jobs probably are busy working, well, you’re probably not going to meet a girl in that context. Or if you’re talking about going to a nightclub where you can barely hear anybody and you’re trying to have a good conversation to find out if the girl’s smart, that may not be the best approach for you either. That said, if you’re looking for just the brazenly hot girl, like physically attractive girl, maybe you want to do nightgame as opposed to daygame or maybe you want to even get into elite venues or elite social circles in order to do that.

So, it really comes down to decide what you want first. And it’s not what the average man wants, not what every man wants, because there is no such thing as a “long-term relationship quality girl” in a vacuum. There’s a “long-term relationship quality girl” for you. So what is your type of girl you’re looking for? And then, what is this girl? Where are you going to find her? And then go to those places. But first thing is decide what you want. And most guys have never taken that step.

Most guys have this general idea of “I’m just going to go talk to a lot of girls” and they have random, haphazard game, random, haphazard efforts which get them random, haphazard, meaning mediocre, meaning pretty shitty, actually, results. So, decide what you want first, and then from there, you can tailor your approach, tailor your locations, and you can even tailor the way that you want to present yourself to that particular type of girl. And that’s when your results are going to get exponentially better. OK, that’s when you’re gonna get what you want.

Speaking of getting what you want, if you want your question answered, put it below, and maybe yours will be answered on a future video. Till then, see you later.