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How long should I last in bed?

How long should I last in bed?Overview I get a...

Am I too high-value or too high-comfort?

This is an interesting question that could only come from someone who’s studied game. Both value and comfort are GOOD things. So there is no such thing as too much of either… the issue comes from ratio, as I explain in this video.

How do I self-amuse without being a weirdo?

There are some really strange ideas floating around about self-amusement. Let me clear some things up for you. Firstly, self-amusement is not inherently attractive… yes I said it. Self-amusement is mainly just a gimmick designed to eliminate a few beginner mistakes.

Can I ONLY do Daygame?

Lots of guys have a preference for a specific type of game. And that’s a GOOD thing. You should do what you are best and, happiest doing, and get results from. However, there are some very important reasons for doing other forms of game and learning other skills.

What is a Real Alpha Male?

People talk a lot about “alpha” and “beta” males, but most people don’t really know what that means. Alpha in the 21st century isn’t about killing gazelle’s on the savannah or getting into fights. Being offensive is not attractive… It’s a lot more about leadership and how you approach women and life.

How do I find the perfect girl?

Finding the type of girls you want involves more than skill. It involves having the right strategy and knowing what you’re looking for. It’s time to remove the guesswork from that part of the process.

Where can I meet higher quality women?

I don’t know about you, but the reason I got into pickup was quality rather than quantity… not that I regret my large quantity of great relationships over the years. Part of dating quality girls is FINDING quality girls. This will evolve over time, but it’s important to start with an idea of what you’re looking for if you’re to have any chance of actually finding/attaining it.

What are Approach Angles?

Set yourself up for success, not failure. One of the main reasons why guys get blown out is because their approach angle is wrong.


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